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Privacy Policy

2ThumbsApp we care about your privacy and the protection of your personal information, for this reason we have created this Privacy Policy to inform you regarding the information we access and the permissions our phone apps use. Our applications do not collect personal information, and they only access features as needed to provide our services; we DO NOT access, record, or distribute any information not related to the application, however our Ad provider(s) such as Google AdMob may collect statistics and information in order to serve relevant ads; this may include the IP Address, product/app interactions, diagnostics, and device identifiers like App ID and Ad ID. The installation process is handled by Google Play and we do not have visibility of any personal information.


The use of this app does not grant any rights outside of what is established by the Copyright and/or Trademarks laws, and under the exceptions granted by the "Fair Use"; the logos and names for each team are registered and belong to their respective teams.

Permissions Used by the Apps

In order for our applications to provide the best user experience some permissions to execute different functionality are needed; the permissions used by our application are described below:



This permission is used so the application is notified when the smartphone or tablet is powered on; this is necessary to check if any reminders were set for the matches and if so reconfigure each reminder as needed.


This permission is necessary to give our application internet access, which is used to check for new information pertaining to the app such as scores, new matches and/or match date changes, match progress, etc. The internet is also used by Google’s AdMob mobile advertising company, which provides the ads supported by this app.


The VIBRATE permission is needed for the match reminders which will sound an alarm and vibrate the smartphone or tablet when a reminder is set by the user.


This is necessary to determine if the smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the data plan, or not connected at all; this is important when trying to check for new results and related information.


At the moment our app is not available for iOS devices.